Just the job: Apparently recycling containers are great for sliding in

Falmouth is not known for its winter sports but after this week’s conversion into a winter wonderland thanks to a polar vortex from Russia called The Beast and a storm from Portugal called Emma, all bets are off.

The slopes of Falmouth are generally just channels for rainwater, but over the last few days they acquired a new glamour, as can-do residents tried to tear up the fresh powder using whatever equipment came to hand.

Bodyboards were a popular choice

I braved the conditions to find out what people were using to hit the slopes.

Items included estate agent boards, bin lids and even baking trays.

Dracaena Centre seemed the place to be to get the best runs of the day, although Trelawney Road was incredibly popular and possibly Falmouth’s premier ‘black run’. Among the usual collection of improvised sleds here, one person stood out: he was actually on skis.

Some sort of sled

Surrounding the action, groups gathered with drinks in hand waiting for their next run. Surfboards with the fins removed seemed a popular choice of the day and one snow surfer I met, Tom, told me: “I even have my wetsuit on under my clothes as it’s really warm.”

Some people took the more conventional route of building/buying a sled, but the creativity of Falmouth really was apparent when I encountered Chris who was contemplating whether a pallet would make a good addition to his trusty plastic bag.

Pallet and plastic bag



I think the real winner of the day was a girl I met at Dracaena who had taken the initiative to get to Dig and Delve early and grab their only snowboard for a bargain £40.






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