The Falmouth Rays are preparing for some fierce competition as they challenge Newquay Storm for a much needed victory in this week’s Cornish Basketball League game.

The game will tip off at 6:30 this Friday evening at the Sir Ben Ainslie Centre, Truro.

Rays’ captain, Samuel Sherring told Truthfal: “We’re preparing for a hard game, Newquay always play well and we need to work hard to beat them.”

Falmouth Rays training

This is the second time the teams will be facing each other this season, following Rays’ defeat at the hands of Storm earlier this year.

Newquay Storm (previously Wadebridge 2002-2013) are one of the earliest founded teams in the league.

Falmouth Rays were founded two years ago, mostly made up of Falmouth and Exeter University students operating as an FXU society.

Rays’ centre-position, Joe Foale-Groves told Truthfal: “The chemistry of a more established team will obviously affect how they play on the night and has potential to influence the final score.”

He added: “We’re less established but have been growing in numbers and chemistry ever since we begun.”

Falmouth Rays

Newquay have placed highly in the league for the past few years, continually gaining more successful results than Falmouth and many other teams.

Competition will be fierce but will Falmouth’s growing morale and new training initiatives prove enough on the night?

Newquay Storm were unavailable for a prematch statement.


Truthfal’s Ellis Collins spent an early-morning training match with Falmouth Rays as they finalise preparations in their last session prior to the game. Audio report here…