Truthfal’s James Haddow talks to Shelter Box about the fantastic work the Cornwall charity do in helping victims of natural disasters all over the world. The Shelter Box team were on Penryn Campus to whip up enthusiasm about their latest fund raising effort, a marathon around the coast of Cornwall.

Shelterbox is a charity that give out boxes of equipment to victims of natural disasters, each box is specifically designed to battle the treacherous conditions. Each box usually contains a water purification kit, blankets, tools, dry food and other necessities that help a family to survive after a disaster. Each box is specifically designed for each specific incident. For example if the disaster happens in rugged terrain, then perhaps climbing gear is included in the shelter box. Shelterbox were formed in 2010 in Helston and is Cornwall’s most well-known charity. The Duchess of Cornwall maintains a close relationship with the charity as the official Royal Patron.

Falmouth University students have planned to help the charity raise money by organising a marathon around the Cornish coast. Many students have volunteered to travel around the coast in legs, with people choosing to cycle, run, skip, walk and even swim. Alongside the marathon, the Shelter Box team have been doing a variety of things to raise money for the charity. This includes sponsored karaoke, raffles and selling homemade sweets and goodies across both the Penryn and Woodlane Campus’.

The charity’s Head of Fundraising told Truthfal about how they are preparing for their Rally4Shelterbox campaign in June: