Three years after surfing his last competitive wave, Louis Campbell strolls through the dim lit
doorway of Hubbox, one of his many proud sponsors. Quick to chuck his 8ft longboard on
the sofa beside the table, he jumps into the chair opposite me, to then utter his very first
words: “So then mate… what you drinkin’?” He goes downstairs to grab two Coronas, and
slides one towards me. “So, what do you want to know?”

Full of energy, a good style of confidence and very excited to talk, you could tell that he had
something that he wanted to discuss. “I do love surfing”, Louis proudly declares, “to me it’s
everything, it’s what I love the most. Don’t tell my girlfriend I said that though” he says as he
takes a generous swig of his beer.

Aged 19, Louis has spent his life living in Perranporth, Cornwall where he has surfed since
the age of six. “My dad was the one who got me in the water. At first I was b****y scared of
the ocean, but my dad has friends in Australia who used to come up here a lot, so I used to
sit and watch them surf as a kid, that was my true inspiration to get in the water and try it.”

“I surf everyday! I spend more time with my board than my own girlfriend”

Ever since that moment 13 years ago, Louis has surfed the swells at Perranporth religiously,
along with some of his other favorite spots such as Constantine, Fistral and Fuerteventura.

“I’ve always struggled to balance my time, as all I wanna do is surf. It has defiantly gotten harder as I’ve gotten older, especially when I was at

Now a Truro college graduate and a surf instructor at Perranporth, Louis has taken up the art
of photography on the side. “For me photography is a new route in which I can pursue my
dream. Nowadays you don’t have to be a surfer to be involved in today’s surf culture, people
are taking photos, writing about it, and even making movies about it.

“I’ve been basing my work on winter seascapes, using slow shutters and things! Trying to
capture movement and the colours (or lack of) in winter, and this is something that I want to
use when I can finally afford to go to Indo (Indonesia).”

Pioneering the local longboard movement, competing from a young age, featuring in a
variety of surf videos and picking up sponsors such as Hubbox, TCSS clothing and O’neill
wetsuits, it seems like Louis is in total control of the route he wants to take in life and most of
all where he wants to be.

“I’ve got the sponsors, I’ve performed for others, now I just wanna do me, I wanna go where I
wanna go, do what I wanna do because those are the true values of surfing and what made
me wanna get in the water in the first place.

From watching legends like American surfer Kelly Slater and Cornish born Alan Stokes as a
child, Louis has always wanted to live the lifestyle that they had portrayed along with what
they stood for.

“They did what they want man, traveled, met the most interesting people, just lived and
that’s what I want.”

“I just wanna live like the legends I grew up watching​”

Louis has always had a true passion for the sport, I could tell when he told me off for
labelling it in such a way, “I live and breathe surfing… it’s a lifestyle to me not a sport.” The
look in his eye as he confidently spoke those words sold it to me.

“I’ve done the competitions you know, I’ve fought in the water, but to me surfing is about
doing what you want when you feel it’s right, catching the wave you wanna catch and surfing
how you wanna surf, not showing of to a panel of judges like some beauty contest, it’s just
not for me.”

Competing in a number of competitions as a gromit, a surfer aged 17 and younger, and even
receiving a podium finish in the Nixon Leveller Competition, it seems like his passions are
focused elsewhere.

“Ideally I wanna move to Indonesia and take up surf photography, not necessarily in a
professional way, more just to capture what I love to do for others to enjoy, that is my
ultimate goal,” Louis explains. “Getting to live and meet others that are also as passionate as
I am about surfing is another goal of mine, that would be a true achievement because for me
that is what I have grew up watching and wanting to be apart of. To me that is true
happiness, a beach, some waves, sun, a camera and some friends. What more do you need

Louis is now looking to save up some money, with hopes of jump on a plane with his
girlfriend and finally jet off to the white sands and crystal clear waters of Indonesia, to take
up his dream of capturing some of the world’s best swells, “I’ll be there in know time, don’t
you worry.”