Devon and Cornwall fire services are considering buying smaller engines to fit through car-filled streets.

Firefighters have been delayed numerous times across the two counties due to car-filled streets and small country lanes.

In Plymstock, firefighters have had to rush to a fire on foot because the lane was filled with too many cars.

Katherine Billing, from Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service, said firefighters will put on sirens, go door-to-door knocking but – in an emergency – getting the truck through is a priority.

“Sometimes we try to physically push them [cars] out of the way. When we can’t get the hoses to reach the property, then in that event we may cause damage to someone’s vehicle, but that is the last resort.”

In Cornwall, the fire services have struggled to fit down the small lanes found in many towns, this can drastically slow their arrival time.


Alex Hughes went to Penryn to explore how the small roads and excessive parking issues could effect firetrucks.