With many institutions currently in turmoil as a result of cases of sexual misconduct, are ‘all men being tarnished with the same brush’?

In light of the recent sexual allegations involving power typhoons, Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey, Truthfal’s Hannah Corfield and Phoebe Eckersley decided to explore the ramifications this might have on the male psyche.

Psychotherapist, Polly Rennic, claimed that there needs to be more compassion in the way society deals with this current epidemic.

She said: “To my sisterhood I would urge that they develop a clearer idea of their own motivations and self-awareness.”

As a method to better understand the underlying feelings of men in this current media hot-bed of allegations/accusations, men were asked to fill out a survey anonymously. The responses revealed anxieties about the way they now conduct themselves in certain circumstances, for example one response read:

“Yes, there is suddenly a lot of suspicion against men and their intentions. As a portrait artist I’ve noticed a change in the way women react to me drawing them or approaching them to be sitters.”

Another respondent said: “The issue is bigger and has been around longer than these allegations have been made public. The notion that men are sexual predators, however, is damaging and offensive.”

Does this point to a ‘Crisis in Masculinity’? Listen to this Podcast as we attempt to shed some light on the complexities surrounding gender/power relations, recently brought to the forefront of our public awareness.