In their ever more popular podcast Chris and Gav tackle one of the toughest squads on the Cornish sporting scene – the Camborne School of Mines rugby players. In the wake of the recent CSM hi-vis scandal, their infamous annual bottle match looked as though it was about to be banned by the Falmouth & Exeter students’ union, but FXU seem to have changed their minds. In response to the Truthfal interview with CSM rugby team members in this podcast,  the FXU president for student experience Jamal Clarke said that accusations aimed at the FXU were false: “The situation has rightfully diffused, and all concerned CSM sports teams have been made aware of the Bottle Match going ahead and my apologies for the miscommunication.” Also, in this week’s podcast the lads take a look at the prices of tickets to attend football fixtures. Is it the reason more and more young people are put off attending live fixtures? And should season ticket prices for the ‘bigger’ clubs be slashed?

Talk about bottling it…You’ll never find Chris or Gav doing that.