Leaving the European Union could be leading Britons to ‘buy British’ and support their local food economy, according to Bella Percy-Hughes, Marketing Manager of Tregothnan tea in Cornwall.

A recent YouGov survey showed 1 in 5 Brit’s are more likely to buy produce sourced from our own home land after Brexit. She told Truthfal how sales of the only British produced tea company have increased after the EU referendum.

Percy-Hughes said:  “We’re now finding a lot of people are contacting us saying I only want to eat British produce.

“People are much less concerned with how much they’re spending on products and more about finding a product they can trace back to the grower.”

This suggested that British people are becoming more ethical food shoppers by swapping convenience for supporting local farmers. Britain currently produces 60% of its own produce.

Green grocers at ‘The Veg Patch’ in Truro similarly claimed that the public are becoming increasingly interested in buying Cornish and finding out about the provenance of their food.

“They don’t want the foreign imports any more, they want to support locally.”

They said this is an example of the growing conversation about ‘the journey from farm to fork,’ after Chris Grayling, Transport Secretary, claimed the country could cope with new regulations and changes post-Brexit by growing more of its own vegetables.

This comes at the time when the Tregothnan tea has been selected to feature in the newly opened ‘Mini British Food Court’ at the Liberty’s department store in London. The new food range will be heralding local, artisan producers from across the UK.

Ruth Huxley, Producer and CEO of The Great Cornish Food Store, sources 96% of her stock from Cornwall.

She said: “The rise and popularity of Cornish food has snow balled because of the way the industry has evolved.

“We have chefs being recognised for their reputation and they always attribute their reputation partly to the produce they use. It’s a virtuous circle that has generated interested in Cornwall and the Cornish brand.”