Article by- Natasha Gallimore

Video by- Alex Hughes

Councillor Michael Thomas has suggested that Helston be made the next location to build student accommodation. Truthfal finds out what Helston locals and students have to say.

Would you want to be living 13 miles away from campus and waking up an hour earlier for a 9am lecture?

Helston has been named as a potential location for accommodation for the students of Falmouth University, following recent controversy surrounding parking in Penryn and Falmouth.

In recent weeks, notes and graffiti had been left on the cars of students due to the location of their parking with certain areas, such as Parkengue, being coned off by the council for this reason.

Falmouth and Exeter University students currently reside in Penryn and areas across Falmouth and Truro. Now, a fourth location could be needed to accommodate the rise in student numbers.

In a bid to relieve congestion caused by the presence of student vehicles, Helston Councillor, Michael Thomas suggested that more accommodation should be built in Helston to house students.

Regarding the matter, Thomas stated that the idea of students inhabiting the area could “boost the economy and bring more people.”

He added that collaborating with the university could “make Helston more noticeable” and there could be the possibility of the university expanding its facilities by taking advantage of the Royal Navy Airbase nearby.

The words of some of the Helston locals were equally as supportive with some members of the community saying it would be “lovely to have students around the town and to meet new people.”

However, Michael Thomas went to explain the groundwork behind creating a suitable habitat for Helston’s student neighbours.

This would include finding suitable space to build the accommodation and any additional buildings such as Student Union offices as well as creating cheap and direct bus routes for students to get to and from the university.

Based on current bus fares to and from Tremough campus, travelling from Helston 5 days a week would cost students an additional £21 pounds a week as opposed to travelling from Falmouth town.

Although many local businesses may benefit from the custom of students, the presence of businesses such as Dominos and Wetherspoon’s make the area already suitable for the university lifestyle.

Would you want to spend your uni days living in Helston?

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