By Dan Shering


This week, the charity organisation Surfers Against Sewage presented expert evidence to the Environmental Audit Committee, or EAC, a panel made up of cross-party Members of Parliament. The EAC are currently gathering evidence and scrutinising the best solutions to solving the plastic pollution crisis, caused by the huge volume of single-use plastic bottles and coffee cups escaping into the environment every single day.

The committee is chaired by MP Mary Creagh, and she was joined by seven other MPs to hear evidence from Surfers Against Sewage on the scale of the marine plastic pollution crisis and its impact on the health of our oceans and wider environments. Possible solutions were also discussed, including deposit refund systems, the #OneLess campaign and the current refill movement.

The charity recently sent their ‘Message In a Bottle’ petition to 10 Downing Street with 285 000 signatures from the public, calling for the introduction of a Deposit Return System for plastic bottles and other drinks containers across the UK.

The UK uses a staggering 38.5 million single-use plastic bottles every day in the UK. Currently, only 57% of these plastic bottles are recycled and this is estimated to be significantly lower for drinks bottles that are consumed ‘on the go’. Surfers Against Sewage, known as SAS, remain adamant that “our recycling infrastructure, targets and the financial incentive for society to recycle more are currently failing.”

You can hear Dan’s report and an interview with Surfers Against Sewage here: