The FXU Vegan and Vegetarian Society is campaigning for all animal products to be banned from Penryn Campus.

The aim of the campaign is to gradually phase out all non vegan produce for sale on the university campus and to eventually have only vegan food options available.

At present, food items which contain either meat or dairy, make up the majority of what you can buy in the canteen. There are some options available for both vegetarians and vegans, but only a small proportion compared with the range of other food currently on offer.

This has been met with mixed reactions from people who buy food from the canteen. One person said: “I’m the biggest carnivore there is, so no I don’t agree. I do think that meat could be reduced though and red meat could be replaced with chicken because that’s better for you and the environment.” Another person who is a vegetarian said: “It might be a bit too far. It’s fair enough to reduce the amount of meat, but not to completely deny people’s freedom of choice when it comes to what they eat.”

The head of the FXU Vegan and Veggie Society, Jack Common, was invited to the Truthfal radio studio to discuss the campaign with resolute meat eater, James Haddow.

Listen to the clip below and tell us your views.