By: Max Carey


Mind Garden, a local clothing label situated in here in Falmouth, was started by James Morgan as a “crossover of creativity”. From first being a music producer, James wanted to transfer his skills into something he was yet to experience.

The brand’s philosophy came from what James called “a path of self-discovery”, pushing the confines of the comfort zone and really getting stuck into something different and innovative.

James told Truthfal: “the idea was to give a creative platform for independent artists and designers to express themselves where they normally wouldn’t have the opportunity, to say death to the perfectionist.”

The brand screen prints artist’s designs onto an array of different apparel, while also hosting events to inspire young people and local artists in the community.


“Mind Garden isn’t just a clothing brand, it’s a platform to help creatives realise their potential.”


“We held an event last October (2016) at Troubadour Studios, Falmouth,” said James. “This was a combination of clothing, artists’ creations and music all tied together as a networking/expedition event, and it was a great success.”

Following on from the event, James and his brand Mind Garden hosted The New Moon Leaving Party. This was the birth of the open creative events idea that is now a huge part of the brand.

“It was a fantastic evening of creativity and everyone was overwhelmed with the result. 20 artists and illustrators came through and left their own mark on a massive piece of cotton canvas.

“We hope to carry on building our brand through events like this, bringing together as many of the creative sectors of the community as we can, whatever they may be.”

Keep a look out for the Mind Garden X PTCHWRK Presents ART: An open creative event at Jacob’s Ladder, Falmouth on November 4th from 12pm-12am.

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You can check out their website here!