Exeter University has been plunged into a major public relations crisis after its students were caught on camera ridiculing rape and sporting swastikas.

The students, who study at the Camborne School of Mines (CSM), wore hi-vis jackets with “I love rape” and “f— the Syrians” scrawled across them.

The jackets were worn by Exeter students on courses such as Geology and Mining and the event is known as a ‘PPE’ night, as those on mining courses are regularly given high-vis and hard hats, known as Personal Protective Equipment.

Following a backlash from the student body, CSM students were later seen that night wearing their jackets inside out, prompted by social media outrage on Facebook page ‘Penryn Campus Fitfinder’.

Photo: The Tab

Below is a screenshot of messages sent between CSM students following the uproar from the university community.

Photo: The Tab

The first message says: “Whatever you do, do not wear your high vis from last night to your practical. I hope you enjoyed the evening but to stay safe do not wear anything from last night again.”

A second message, from another society member says: “Right guys. Last night was great fun but it’s definitely going to receive some consequences. Please destroy any high-vis tops you have (you can make new ones next year). If you have any photos or videos, delete them NOW. This is for your best interest and us as a committee.”

“We apologise for any offence caused”

The Tab student news website quoted a University of Exeter spokesman: ” “The University of Exeter and the Falmouth and Exeter Students Union (FXU) have a zero-tolerance policy towards racist, misogynist or similarly highly-offensive behaviour of any form. As soon as we were made aware of this incident we sought immediately to identify the students and organisers involved and demanded that all offensive material be removed.”

CSM student Alex Perry apologised for the actions of those involved: “We are aware that students on the CSM social last night had offensive comments written on hi-vis jackets. We apologise for any offence caused from this on what is usually a light hearted and fun traditional night for CSM students.”