Video by Greg McKinney; Words by Josh Walker

Earlier this year, 3rd year students from Truthfal visited London. Graduate Josh Walker recounts the visit to Channel 4:

Straight off the train, we dropped our bags at the hostel and headed to Channel 4. It was a busy news day as there had been a chemical weapons attack in Syria, so the newsroom was buzzing.  We were taken around the newsroom and spoke to several journalists and graphic designers. We also had a look around and gained the first taste of a live TV studio and the production gallery for one of the country’s biggest broadcasters. We were even projected onto the big screen in the studio next to the Channel 4 logo.

Our host at Channel 4 was busy looking after the lead story on that night’s bulletin so when we arrived we waited on the sofas for about 5 minutes, only for Jon Snow to wander over and speak to us for about half an hour! It was great to get his first-hand take on his amazing career the challenges facing journalists today, as well as about life at Channel 4 and internship opportunities. He was wearing a suit with a multi-coloured tie and even multi-coloured socks, and let’s not forget the moment we walked into the make-up room and saw his hair being combed ready for a news broadcast.