Hundreds of woman came together in solidarity, donning their pink wigs, to raise money for breast cancer charities.  This was the fifth year Pink Wig Events kicked off Falmouth Week which began with a parade through Falmouth town, leading to Events Square for a night of live music and fundraising.

The Pink Wig committee, made up of friends, Emma Kent, Kath Stivey, Sue and Naomi Morant, Michelle Bray and Jay Wicks, were left overwhelmed at the turn out. The committee told Truthfal “Once again we are in awe of the support this ‘ladies night out’ continues to receive and for that we are truly grateful.  With the money still coming in, we have raised nearly £21,000”

The humble beginnings of Pink Wig Events  started with only a small group of friends which has now grown into one of Falmouth’s most anticipated night outs of the year.  Emma Kent, Chairwoman of Pink Wig Events, tells Truthfal the tale

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