Rogue Theatre’s latest production, Wild Spring Hare, is an immersive play of folklore and nature, performing at Tehidy Country Park over the Easter break.

Wild Spring Hare takes its audience on a quest down woodland trails and leafy glades, allowing people to experience the natural beauty of their surroundings.  The dense woodland and the shadows it casts create a mysterious backdrop, a perfect setting to let your imagination run wild.

Fairytale characters such as The Woodland King and the Easter Hare appear along the journey, narrating the story and guiding members of the audience from one act to another.  The imaginative combination of storytelling, music, dance and circus theatrics creates a carnival atmosphere, suitable for all ages.

So if you’re looking for an experience like no other, why not visit Tehidy Woods and immerse your self in the magic of Rogue Theatre’s spring adventure?

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Photography by Greg McKinney