From PCs to fast food chains, facial recognition devices are becoming more and more common in everyday life.

Even British Airways recently announced they would no longer be using passports at Heathrow airport, but instead passengers will board using facial recognition.

The method of identification compares a live image with the stored record of that person on its system. The device is more commonly used to allow access to premises and appliances such as phones and computers.

But, is this something that could be introduced onto our own campus?

Jeremy Sneller, founder of tech company Touchbyte, told Truthfal about the various benefits facial recognition can have for a company.

“If you take retail, they can get to know their customers better. So they can give them a better service, they can have products in the right areas for the right demographics.

“You could get on the bus or a train and you don’t need a ticket because your face is the ticket…it takes away a lot of those things you have to try and remember in the morning.”

Touchbyte, which was founded in 2012, works with local and nationwide companies such as Waitrose as well as national travel companies.

And now, there is even the idea of having facial recognition devices on our campus and local bus services.

“We could enrol everybody on the campus…if somebody came on the campus that wasn’t enrolled then from a security point of view we’d want to know who they are.

“We could use it for libraries, sports facilities; you wouldn’t necessarily have to have badges. I think it would be great to have it on campus.”

With the announcement that student numbers will rise in the next year, the use of facial recognition could potentially increase the pace of life on campus and potentially reduce risks to safety.

Touchbyte are currently in talks with large coach and bus companies to pursue the idea.