Mix fjords, mountains and trolls with some brown cheese and what do you get? The happiest country on Earth!

Norway was rated as the happiest country on earth by the UN, knocking down Denmark from its previous place on top.

The countries are rated among others on healthy life expectancy at birth, freedom to make life choices, generosity and perception of corruption.

Central African Republic, Burundi, Tanzania and Syria were rated as the least happy countries.

The UK can be found at number 19, squeezed between Luxembourg and Chile.


The welfare state of Norway has a relatively high taxation level at 42-45%, with money being spent on things such as free healthcare and education.

Although studying in Norway is free, as many as 5000 students came to UK to do their undergraduate degree last year.

All students have a right to a full student-loan from the Lånekasse, giving equal rights to everyone to do their studies wherever in the world.

Have a listen to the podcast below to find out more about why Norway is such a happy country and how it differs to the UK.