Khalid Masood, 52, took the lives of four people including a police officer on the 22nd March 2017.  Isis have taken the credit for this, but it cannot be confirmed they were behind the attack.

The Sydney Opera House show off the French flag colours in tribute to the Paris terror attack.

The loss of any life is sincerely a tragedy and I do not want the people who had their lives taken slandered in any way in this piece. However, is it a luxury that a terror attack be looked at with such dismay and sorrow? Beautiful celebrities and models have shown their sympathy for the poor citizens who had their lives taken and of course formed an Instagram trend #prayforlondon. However, where is Syria’s hashtag?

This is a scary time for the Western world and people have every right to be worried. The big terror attacks, such as, London, Orlando, Paris and Berlin, has taken 196 lives in total. However, Syrian children, mothers and husbands in the IS capital Raqqa are killed every day and not once have they had a countries landmark building light up their flag in tribute for their bravery.

A British journalist in the Middle East has said: “You will hardly find a family here in Iraq who hasn’t lost loved ones. Most young people have never known peace. Death hangs over every household.”

Last year the Syrian Civil war took between 300,000 – 400,000 lives. Raqqa and Mosul are largely controlled by Isis and innocent lives are been taken every day. The western media are unable to have deep coverage of these two areas because of its dangerous environment and the foreign press looks to an underground journalistic-activist enterprise for first-hand reports about the daily life—and depredations—in the city.

A Syrian man in disbelief at the destruction caused by Isis


I do not want people to forget however, that there are brave journalists out in Iraq and Syria making a commitment to report on what is happening. Unfortunately, people have become desensitized to the war in Syria. It is not happening where they are, so the issue is not of importance in their everyday lives. A sad type of acceptance looms over the western world that Syria is an issue they cannot resolve.

On the very same day of the London terror attack, 33 people were killed in an airstrike on a school sheltering displaced people near the Isis-held city of Raqqa. Now I am no mathematical genius but that is 6.6 times more deaths than the London terror attack. Where is the celebrity sympathy? Why is there no hashtag trend? Where is the bloody Instagram post from Cara Delevigne?

The terror attacks that happen in big cities however, such as London and Paris always gain huge media attention. This is because the western world is now under threat. Things become real for everybody, and the fear of Isis becomes much more intense. We have the privilege of mourning and paying tribute to people lost in terror attacks. It is of an importance to you because that dead person could very well be you.

The British journalist added: “IS rules by fear – let’s not give them what they want by giving in to it.”

Essentially, it seems people are giving up on Syria. It is Islam’s mess now, and the western world are wrongly accepting this. Islamic State, if we are not careful, could rule places like Paris, London or Berlin just as they have with Raqqa and Mosul. They have done it once, they can do it again.