A ship repair company has placed a bid to the Ministry of Defence in an attempt to bring the largest contract in the history of the town’s docks to Falmouth.

A&P have put managing director Gerald Pitts at the forefront of running the bid in the hopes of winning the ten-year contract worth £900 million to refit and repair ships that are part of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary.

Mark Ffitch, owner of the Dockside Cafe, told Truthfal: “I think the contract will be very positive for the whole of Falmouth. It means there will be a lot of guaranteed work at the docks, which will add to our economy because the workers will be using local businesses like mine.”

The contract will require extensive preparation and expert knowledge if A&P are to succeed in winning the contract to maintain the military fleet.

A&P have already demonstrated their worthiness to the MoD with an existing contract that saw the company complete composite tasks within budget and on time.

The original contract agreed in 2008 was extended for an additional five years, which takes A&P’s current MoD work up until June 2018.

When speaking to the Falmouth Packet, Pitts said the the existing contract has been worth in excess of £200 million to A&P and has had attendant benefits to the local economy.

Falmouth has a rich maritime history, playing host to the docks in the third deepest natural harbour in the world, and the deepest in Western Europe.

As well as managing the new bid, Pitts was chosen by the company to run the existing RFA Cluster contract which runs out next year.

The RFA Cluster contract involves the company taking part in operational, maintenance and support work for the current fleet of five ships including RFA Argus.