The Chief Brexit negotiator at the European Parliament has said that British Citizens should be allowed to keep the benefits that come with having an EU membership.

The former Belgium Prime Minister, Guy Verhofstadt has said that it is important to keep rights such as freedom to travel and a vote in European elections for those people who did not wish to leave the European Union in the first place.

Mr Verhofstadt told the BBC that this cannot be part of the political games,” and that the matter needs to prioritised.

Guy Verhofstadt    

Theresa May wants to trigger Article 50 by the end of the month, however, May has scheduled a major Commons statement on Tuesday the 14th where she might be able to use it to trigger Article 50 and launch her Brexit talks. Legislation that will affect the course of the future and create history is stated to be law as quickly as Monday. This means that May could be able to hold the power of triggering Article 50 by the time she goes to speak to MPs on Tuesday.

Prime Minister Theresa May

Regarding Brexit talks, Mr Verhofstadt has expressed the importance of prioritising keeping certain rights for those who voted Remain. He has been said to have received over 1,000 letters from people Post-Brexit, stating their concern about the future of their stance with the EU- a lot of them telling Mr Verhofstadt how they don’t want to lose their relationship with the European Union.

“I think we need to examine what type of special arrangement we can make for those individual citizens who want to continue their relationship with the EU, and the opposite – it’s for both sides.”

Guy Verhofstadt has taken it upon himself to remind MEPs that their vote to support any deals should not be taken for granted.