TruthFal’s Aiden Nulty investigates how Brexit has affected the daffodil industry in Cornwall

Last year the people of the UK were given the irreversible decision to divorce our European neighbours. Five out of six constituencies voted ‘leave,’ Cornwall had spoken.


While overall, Cornwall’s industries have had little dependence on the influx of foreign labour from the EU, many are unaware of the importance of foreign labour here in some industries. Fishing boats in Newlyn are now home to Polish and Lithuanian accents but perhaps where foreign labour is of most necessity is in the seasonal work of daffodil picking.


The daffodil season which lasts between January and April provides around £45 million a year to the UK’s economy. Cornwall is considered the main supplier of daffodils in England, with several farms across the Duchy dedicating thousands of acres to the production of the seasonal flower. It has become well-known that pickers on these farms are foreign nationals. The issue of foreign workers became a point of contention during Brexit, yet it appears there are some jobs British people simply won’t apply for.

Brexit will almost certainly change things in this country, how befitting that the daffodil is a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings.