After a tense week of campaigning the results of the FXU elections for the four presidents were announced on Friday night.

FXU is the student union which represents students at the Universities of Falmouth and Exeter at the Wood Lane and Penryn campuses.

Students gathered at the Fox Café at Wood Lane, where a pop-up bar had been set up, to hear who had been successfully elected. The results were announced by the existing presidents, Alexa Webster – community and welfare, Tom Murray-Richards – Exeter President and Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson – student experience. Chris Slesser the existing Falmouth president was standing for a second term.

The four successful candidates were Dean Pomeroy – President Exeter, Chris Slesser (re-elected) – President Falmouth, Jamal Clarke – Student Experience and Harry Bishop – Community and Welfare.

The candidates pose for a picture with the current presidents. L to R Jamal Clarke, Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson, Chris Slesser, Tom Murray-Richards, Dean Pomeroy, Alexa Webster and Harry Bishop. Photo courtesy of Bethany Hall

“I am feeling ecstatic but slightly numb, mainly due to the glitter I have had on my face all week.”

These posts pay a salary of 19K plus a year, and give students the opportunity to make a real impact on how the University is run. They attend meetings and campaign on behalf of students on important issues such as accommodation, transport and support services. They forge close links with the community and are the voice of the students.

Dean Pomeroy thanked everyone who voted and said: “I will try my absolute best to match the work that Tom has done.”

Chris Slesser said:

“I am feeling ecstatic but slightly numb, mainly due to the glitter I have had on my face all week. I am even more confident that I can achieve even more than was on my manifesto this year; representation for single every Falmouth student and we are going to make Falmouth at the heart of FXU this year.” He then went off to phone his Mum before having a few drinks to celebrate.

Jamal Clarke said:

“I’m really happy that I have won over my student body across 3 campuses.”

“I want to have a look at my manifesto again and pinpoint what I want to do from day 1, it would be really great if I can talk to all the other candidates and pick out the best bits from their manifestos that maybe I didn’t think about.”

Harry Bishop, community and welfare said:

“I still don’t quite believe it. I have been on this rollercoaster, I’ve had ups and downs and it has been the most emotional week of my life.”

When he produced his manifesto of pledges Harry asked students what they wanted to add as his fifth pledge. Students said they wanted more training for staff and FXU.

Harry said:

“We are going to make more training. More training for FXU so they can properly support victims of sexual and domestic violence. More training for Glasney Lodge so freshers feel they can approach them more, and more training for lecturers and all staff in suicide prevention and awareness Training is so important and a lot of people asked for it.”

Candidates campaigned vigorously for the whole week leading up to the results. Walking round campus involved pushing through hordes of students in T-shirts waving posters and bearing trays of cakes. University social media accounts were overtaken with manifestos and campaign videos. The  FXU elections team offered milk shakes in return for voting to drive up the number of students who vote, which historically has been low.

This year 2,945 students voted which is 37% of the student body, up 5% on last year and a total of 8,032 votes were cast. 33% of Falmouth Students voted, up 9% from last year and 47% of Exeter students voted, 3% fewer than last year. For a full breakdown of the results for all posts click here and click on the link under each candidate’s photo.

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