TruthFal’s Aiden Nulty speaks to Mary Whibley one of the original founders of Bude Welcomes Refugees 
The cities and towns of Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan have had much in common in appearance since an ideological war bled across borders with no care for civilian turmoil.
Images of bombed out buildings and dusty, debris filled roads, spring to mind. A different world entirely from the rolling greens and blues which surround picturesque Bude, on the north coast of Conrwall.
A million migrants and refugees arrived in Europe in 2015, according to IOM and UNHCR estimates. The number of forcibly displaced people at the end of 2014 totalled almost 60 million people, the highest level since World War 2. The British Government promised to relocate 20,000 refugees into the UK and set up the Full Community Sponsorship (FCS) scheme on order to achieve this goal.
 A group of open-minded and big-hearted residents from Bude decided to start the process of using the FCS scheme and open their home-town to refugees. The aptly named Bude Welcomes Refugees is one such group getting behind the scheme.