Skater’s anger as Falmouth Skate Park proposal delayed again

By Dan Shering and Ellis Collins

Falmouth skaters have continued to voice their anger this week as plans to build an outdoor gym move ahead of a new skate park proposal.

The dispute follows an ongoing debate surrounding local community organisation Dracena Centre, which is not prioritising the build of the park, according to Sessions Falmouth.

“Hold up Falmouth Town Council,” says the local surf and skate store. “Before you start planning the build of an outdoor gym at Dracena Centre, isn’t it about time you prioritised the rebuild of the skate park that has been ongoing for nearly a decade?”

This comes after the previous skate park was dismantled after 14 years in December 2014, following a sewage pipe rupturing underneath. Plans to refurbish the park had been ongoing for almost 10 years, while a building proposal for a new outdoor gym has now been put first.

“It would be real disappointment to see another unnecessary outdoor gym being built,” says local skater Will Leadsom. “They are eye sores and anyone who seriously wants to exercise outdoors will not use it as there are so many other options; especially in such a beautiful part of the country.”

However both Dracena Centre and Falmouth Town council stress that both will be completed, with the skate park still very much a future plan.

“The outdoor gym is just a small part of a very big plan and a skate park is very much still part of that plan,” says Brad Bodinnar, an employee at Dracena in charge of health, leisure and well being.

On Facebook Falmouth Town Council wrote: “The outdoor gym has a much lesser overall cost and there is already a fund that could enable that to proceed. The skate park re-development is a much more expensive project and will need to find external funding sources for that.”

Skateboarding has increased in numbers over the past decade, with 55,300 participants in 2006/2007 rising to 59,200 in 2015/2016 in England. The sport will also at Tokyo 2020, its first appearance in an Olympic games.