If the word ‘election’ brings forth shivers and triggering images of name-calling, arguing and general buffoonery, fear not. This week it’s the FXU Elections, and while it’s unlikely that there will be any malicious tweets or violent rallies, I decided to take a look at the most interesting ways our students at Falmouth and Exeter have been campaigning.

Super sticky notes

If you’re fortunate enough to own a car, you may have been unfortunate enough to get an ‘#EllieForExeter’ flyer stuck to your window screen. Flyers don’t tend to sit well with most people and they usually end up in the bin. But a few people who received one of Ellie’s flyers found it impossible to take off. As you can imagine, they were left quite annoyed, and the Penryn Campus Fitfinder page went wild. However, Ellie and her team did issue an apology for the accident and helped clear the flyers off.


Some students managed to make light of the disastrous situation.


Who’s got the X Factor?

Dean Pomeroy, running for FXU President Exeter took to the stage at the Stannary’s open mic night on Monday to rap for his potential voters. The event was even streamed live on Facebook for all to see, with many finding it very entertaining.

Pomeroy wasn’t the only one to turn to music to promote himself. Jamal Clarke, running for FXU President Student Experience also took part in the open mic, however he went all out for his campaign by making his very own music video. The video follows him around various locations on campus with his witty lyrics persuading you to vote for him. Creative campaign tactics like these are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Playground antics

Chalk on the ground can only really be appreciated in one place, and one place only—a playground. On the pathway between the AMATA and Tremough House, ‘Vote for Sarah’ was written in capital letters. If you walked up a little further you could see it again. The message also appeared in other spots around campus, and some students found it to be an inconvenience as ultimately it was left for someone other than Sarah and her team to clean up. Apologies were issued and Sarah continued on with her campaign.


Say cheese

Running for FXU President Falmouth as part of her campaign, Laura Bailey set up a photo booth for potential voters to get their pictures taken, with a message explaining why they’re voting for her. As a previous photographer for Stannary events, it’s guaranteed that those up for getting a snap won’t be disappointed with the outcome. A simple, yet efficient way of campaigning- and a nice little memento to take home.



Going for gold?

Hoping to be re-elected as FXU President Falmouth, Chris Slesser decorated his beard with gold glitter to convey a message.

“I did it because it made me uncomfortable. Last year I made an effort of being out in the community as well as the student body and it engaged people to open a dialogue and approach me- purely out of curiosity. I did it to show that although I’m embarrassed and it makes me uncomfortable it was a way or portraying that any feedback, I have to be impartial and wear it on behalf of the student body at Falmouth.”

Voting is open until noon Friday 24th February, click here to vote.