Voting for FXU Presidential Elections has begun this week and students can vote for their chosen candidates until Friday 24th February.

There are four positions that students can vote for; President Community and Welfare, President of Exeter, President of Falmouth and President Student Experience.

Voting opened on Friday the 17th and will close at 12pm on Friday the 24th. The results will be announced on Friday at 7pm. This will be held at the Fox Cafe on the Falmouth Campus, and will be followed by an after-party.

Ben Rowswell, Student Voice Director for FXU, said: It’s really important that students vote just so that they feel that they are involved in the decision making of the students union.

“If they don’t have their say, then they really can’t complain if they’re not happy with who gets elected in.

“That’s the really important thing, it doesn’t matter who they vote for. From our point of view it’s just part of the process of actually having their say in the student union elections. It’s really important.

“We’re encouraging people to vote now, vote this week.”

Students can vote for one person in each category, or they can vote to re-open nominations if they do not agree with any of the candidates.

“The only way to make sure this happens is to vote.”

There are seven candidates for the President Community and Welfare post; Bella Frimpong, Emma Robinson, Harry Bishop, Lucy Allen, Nic Hamon, PJ Croad and Samuel Constable.

The students running for Student Experience are; Carol Ann Pippin, Jamal Clarke, Sarah Redman, Cassidy Hoare and Esther Egan.

Laura Bailey and Kia-vanna Harrison are up against the current Falmouth President Chris Slesser who is running for a second a term.

There are just two candidates for the President of Exeter, which are; Dean Pomeroy and Eleanor Phipps.

Third year, Fine Art student, Holly Tait, said: “I think voting is so important because these elections determine who will be the voice of students, and they should reflect what we as students want from our university experience.

“The only way to make sure this happens is to vote.

“I think the information is given, but students have to be willing to take some time to read through the candidates’ manifestos and do some of their own research to find out who will best represent them.”

There are a series of events during the week where students can find out more about the candidates:

  • Tuesday 21st Feb: Candidates Question Time, 12.30 – 2pm, Falmouth Lecture Theatre 2.
  • Wednesday 22nd Feb: FXU Presidents’ Big Quiz- Elections Special, 9-11pm, the Stannary, Penryn Campus. Quiz entry is £1 per person on the door.
  • Thursday 23rd Feb: Music and Manifestos, 12 – 1.30pm, AMATA Cafe, Penryn Campus.

You can vote by the campaign stalls at the Penryn and Falmouth Campus, or on