By Emily Furness

Many students have mixed feelings over graduating from excitement to anxiety. At this time of year many third year students are juggling their dissertation whilst trawling through job sites for potential graduate jobs. How are you feeling about graduating?

According to the Guardian, “Over 14,000 new graduates remained unemployed; many students are due to graduate this year and are anxious about their career prospects.”

A third year interior design student at Falmouth University, who wanted to remain anonymous, said: “I was panicking about it… I think applying for jobs now makes me feel worried, as it seems way too much to juggle at once.

There are minimum job opportunities in Cornwall. It’s a lovely place for university but it’s way too much of a bubble for me.”

50,000 new graduates are in non-graduate jobs, including lollypop ladies, factory workers and hospital porters. Graduates can be forced to turn to the non-skilled employment sector.

This usually is just to avoid unemployment whilst they apply endlessly for graduate schemes, internships and jobs.

Employability talks at Falmouth University are in place to give guidance and advice to upcoming graduates.

Emma Symes gave an employability talk at Falmouth University, she said: “Only 20% of graduate opportunities are advertised.

But the 80% that are not, can be obtained through constant networking skills through the use of sites such as LinkedIn.”

The government estimates that, “45% of university graduates will not earn enough to repay their student loans.”

Sarah Plunkett head of employability at Falmouth University gave some positive news and advice for anxious third year students: “The creative industries are booming it’s worth £84.1 billion a year. There are 2.9 million jobs in the UK in the creative industries. If you’re looking at the creative industries there are a lot of jobs available.

“70% of jobs are open to all students regardless of your degree… So you could think right I’m going to use all the transferable skills I’ve got and put them in a new area.”

There is a bright future for graduate students, it’s all about knowing where to look and making your self stand out from the flock!