Wayne Rooney and Usain Bolt are two sports icons that are instantly recognisable when walking down the street and have a massive following on social media to prove it.

They are at the pinnacle of their sports and deserve the recognition.

When compared to their female counterparts the reaction is very different.

Rooney currently has over 40 million followers across Facebook and Twitter whereas the England’s female football captain Steph Houghton has only 30,000.

The same difference can be seen with Bolt who has over 20 million followers across the two social media platforms; Elaine Thompson’s, Jamaica’s 100m gold medal winner at Rio, social media shows the lack of interest in her side of the sport with just 90,000 followers.

The figures show a massive shortage in interest for some of the most successful female athletes.

To show the difference in people’s attitudes towards knowing prominent female athletes we went around Falmouth University to find out whether students could name the female equivalent of Wayne Rooney and Usain Bolt, along with a few other sportspeople from rugby, cricket and tennis.

Check out the video from Maddie Smith.