Will you decide to give a more valuable gift than roses or chocolates this Valentine’s Day?

This year, February 14th doesn’t just celebrate the romantic tradition, it also marks National Organ Donor Day.

Three people die each day on the waiting list and last year 259 people died whilst waiting for a kidney transplant.

FXU President, Alexa Webster said: “I think organ donation is possibly one of the most important and giving things that someone can actually do for another person.

“I think that there is a lot of people who really struggle, I’ve seen it in my family and amongst students, people who really need organ donations, but so few people that actually sign up to be on the organ donation register.

“It can be really, really, difficult for people to get the things that they desperately need, kidneys are a great example of this.

“Organ donation is incredibly important.”

There are a total of 21 million people on the organ donor register. This number may seem large, but with a population of 64 million, there are still a lot more people who can make a difference by signing up.

In 2016, 470 people died whilst waiting for a transplant, and over 880 people were removed from the waiting list, of which many died shortly after.

It is important that you notify your next of kin or close family member of your choice to be an organ donor, as organs cannot be donated without family permission, even if you are on the register, but signing up makes it easier for the NHS to know your decision, and to inform your relatives of your decision.

The NHS website states: “Organs from some people may carry a risk of transmitting an infection or cancer. You cannot become an organ donor if  you have Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease. Organs from deceased donors with some current and past cancers may be safely used, with surgeons balancing the risk of using an organ against the risk of a patient dying waiting for a transplant.”

Isi Daley, third year politics student at Falmouth University, said: “I think that it’s a beautiful thing because if you can help someone even when you’re not around, you should be able to.”

Organs that can be donated are; kidneys, heart, liver, lungs, pancreas, small bowel or corneas. You can opt in to just donate one, a few, or all of these things, and the website

It takes as little as two minutes to fill in the online form on www.organdonation.nhs.uk or you can call 03001 23 23 23 to speak to someone.

So will you be ditching your Valentines’ cards and picking up an organ donor card?