Local Falmouth residents and businesses have argued that improved waste and litter management could be the solution to curbing seagull aggression.

With the tourist season around the corner, the issue of coping with gulls is paramount to Falmouth.

This debate is highly contentious within Parliament as a Westminster Hall meeting on Tuesday saw MPs consider seagull culling.

They have been examining methods to protect coastal cities and towns after swooping birds caused two dog attacks, stolen food and increasing hostility in St Ives.

Falmouth fishmonger Peter Brook told Truthfal: “You can’t blame the bird, the bird is only reacting towards what is a natural instinct.”

“Humans and animals have to interact without causing each other problems.”

Mark Williams, town clerk of Falmouth Town Council agrees.

He said: “Primarily it is human behaviours that need to be addressed.

“Our habits are encouraging seagulls to act in this way and become aggressive. We need to stop feeding them. We need to protect our refuse from them.”

Currently, individuals can face up to 6 months in prison or a £5,000 fine for inflicting harm upon seagulls.