Falmouth students can now see exactly how their £9,000 fees are being spent after the University released a complete breakdown of where student’s money is going.

The decision to release these 2015-16 financial figures was controversial, as it will allow students to compare costs and expenditures across departments.

However, the university has decided it is important to keep students informed on how their fees are being spent.

One of the key aspects of the financial figures was how our undergraduate fees are being spent.

Most of it was the expected results with teaching, research and facilities being the top sections.

However, only £90 of the yearly £9,000 spent goes on student welfare.

The lowest categories our loan is spend on include: student union, welfare and careers, all of which are allocated £90 each despite many students claiming that these are some of the most important parts of the university system.

Another important part of the document was the academic course payment breakdowns. These charts show how each course’s funding is spent, splitting it into seven categories.

For every course academic staff was the highest expenditure but even here, there was a huge difference between courses.

Fashion and textiles only spending 27% on their academic staff and on the other end, the school of writing and journalism spending 62%, over double the amount dedicated to the staff.

Despite the practical aspect of most of the courses here at Falmouth, the money for materials and equipment was rarely much over 10% of the overall funding per course.

This report comes with the recent news that next year tuition fees will be rising by another £250 a year.

With this increase, it is more important than ever for students to know where their loan is going and what they will be getting back out of it.

The financial figures can be viewed here.