Coverack is hosting MudCrew’s annual 100-mile, 36-hour ultra-running event, the Arc of Attrition.

This year more than 100 competitors will race along the coastal path from Coverack to Porthtowan.

They will have to juggle navigating the journey while ensuring they remain hydrated and fuelled.

The kit the long distance experts are required to carry at all times includes safety equipment, such as a torch and a fresh change of clothes.

Runners will also need to ensure food and water is carried as each checkpoint along the path is up to 20 miles apart.

Although the course follows a way-marked route, the event is self-navigated and is only suitable for the most experienced ultra-runners.

All competitors are required to have previously completed a 100-mile race and to have considerable experience of night-time running.

The event carries six points towards qualification for the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, considered the pinnacle of long-distance running.