WATCH: Natasha’s interview with Redruth School Head Craig Martin:

Budget cuts in education have been making headlines lately, with the threat that schools could face a £3bn spending reduction by 2020.

Amid the austerity the UK education system faces, Truthfal went to Redruth School to investigate the potential impact of these cuts on the school’s services.


The school itself has a generous amount of resources to offer to its eleven hundred students. It has an impressive library as well as a gym, swimming pool and large classrooms to accommodate the secondary and sixth form students.



As the posters and banners for the latest school production covered the corridors, the students moving into fourth period seem oblivious to the apprehension surrounding their education.

Craig Martin, who has been the Head Teacher at Redruth School for seven years, has expressed his unconventional role as head of the school.

He said: “I’m probably unusual in the fact that I’m used to dealing with financial issues over a period and actually you can ride those waves.

“We’re producing great results actually at Redruth… we’re sitting in a really strong position now.”



Martin’s outlook on the financial future demonstrates the priority of the education of his pupils.

“There is a lot less money in the pot. The demands for parents to support education through trips and visits may have previously have been supported in different ways… but I think the quality of teaching and the quality of education for their children is actually better than it’s ever been.”

Although acknowledging he is biased, Martin admitted the importance of education as a public service is a priority.

“There isn’t any other sphere I can see that affects longer term life in terms of community, health, well-being and good citizenship than education. So if we fall off the cliff with funding – we are getting close I won’t deny it – then that would actually be detrimental.”