Video by Josh Walker

Hats for Homeless, a group of women in Roche, Cornwall meet up every week to knit hats for charities, which go to the homeless in Cornwall.

According the Department for Communities and Local Government, more than 4,000 people a night have been sleeping rough on England’s streets, a 16% increase on last year and Cornwall is the third highest location to have the homeless on the streets.

Florence Cowan, a volunteer for Hats for Homeless said: “I do this because I was sitting home doing nothing. I had not knitted for 12 years and I got the chance to meet people and do something for others at the same time. It’s good for me and it’s good for somebody else too.”

Corinna Langford, the community Relations officer of St. Petroc’s Society in Truro, a charity that often receives hats from Hats for Homeless said: “It’s nice to have people who make warm hats for people sleeping rough. This is the hardest time of year for people sleeping rough.”

Teresa Martin (left), head of Hats for Homeless hands over woolly hats to Helen Teague (right), manager of St. Petroc’s Society in Truro.

St. Petroc’s Society has an Outreach team that goes out and gives the warm hats to people in rural areas. They also give out other warm clothes and food. If you would like to donate anything that will benefit the homeless, please visit St. Petroc’s Society’s website to find out more.

Cornwall Council has implemented a Homelessness Strategy for the next five years to solve and prevent homelessness in the region. For more information on how the council tackles homelessness, please visit the Cornwall Council Housing page.