WATCH: Truthfal asked Falmouth students where they thought they £9000 per term is spent.

Falmouth University is due to publish a document outlining how each course is spending the money they receive from student tuition loans, leading to greater financial transparency.
Whilst the University have previously released information regarding the way in which the university distributes their finances, the next instalment is expected to look at individual departments and in much greater detail.
The university has announced in the last year that they intend to increase the amount of students by more than 2,000 by 2020. 
This has led to increased criticism about the way in which the university carries out their business affairs from both students and local residents.
The publishing of the University Chancellor’s wage increase as well as a lot of new signs appearing around the campus’ both in Penryn and Falmouth left many wondering exactly what it was the university were prioritising, and were they investing in what the students of the university felt was most relevant. 
It seems as though the calls for the universities to justify their spending are soon to be answered, and students seem to be sceptical about the allocation of their investment.