Chris Slesser the FXU President for Falmouth University will be revealing a document that spells out in detail how students’ tuition fees get spent, almost down to the last penny.

Falmouth’s nationally leading financial transparency document has been agreed with the Director of Finance and will be launched this week during ‘National Student Money Week’.

It will feature a general break down of the tuition fee for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, a breakdown of costs by each academic department and highlight major investment over the past few years in a format that is clear and concise.

Chris told Truthfal that this has been available in previous years but this year it is broken down to a much lower level of detail than ever before.

Chris said: “It gets down to the nitty-gritty of your fee and will equate to the whole 9,000 pounds down to department level.”

The document will be available on the Falmouth website and will be sent to all students in the student newsletter.

Chris admits that the document may be controversial as it will be possible for students to compare costs across departments such as space costs, teaching and admin costs and it may raise a lot of questions.

Although the financial transparency task was not in his original manifesto, soon after he was elected students started asking about greater transparency on how their tuition fees get spent.

Chris said: “The university is really keen for students to understand where their money is going.” He said the University and the Finance Director are really keen to share this information so it was not difficult to obtain.

The University recognises that going to University is a massive investment and in the light of news about fees rising even more, it is important for students to know they are getting value for money.

Update 7th February – the document is now live and can be viewed here.