Falmouth gig club are braving hail, wind and rain to raise money for Children in Need.



The crew tweeted this picture half-way through their challenge

Starting at 20:00 on Thursday night the crew of six, Matt Pullen, Jamie Maxted, Paul Morris, Ross Trebilcock and Simon Moses, along with cox Lizzie Anderson braved the cold water to start their challenge. They are rowing continuously without a break for 24 hours in the choppy coastal waters of the Carrick Roads, Falmouth. They will not be resting or returning to shore at any point during the 24 hour challenge so all activities will take place whilst the boat is on the move.

The club are raising money via a ‘JustGiving’ page which says that often in challenges like this, there will be an additional crew member taking part so that members of the team can rotate and have some rest. This is not the case in this challenge, all crew members will be rowing or coxing at all times.

The crew were aiming to raise £1,000 for Children in Need but have already smashed that target and have raised nearly £1,600 so far.



Falmouth gig club started their challenge at 20:00 last night