By Emily Furness and Amy Wall

It’s only the end of October and already many stores are setting up Christmas displays ready for the count down to the festive season.

14795685_10205887113056028_781811321_o-2There is now stiff competition between high street stores to get their Christmas displays open for business.

Many members of the public believe that the festive season comes way too early in the UK.

Truro Cathedral has set up a Christmas store, which sells a huge range of Christmas decorations, nativity sets and festive trinkets.

The store opened its doors in July, as the shop makes so much money, which helps to keep and maintain the iconic building and its grounds.

Many people have already started their Christmas shopping, purchasing gifts and decorations for their homes.

According to a retail and apparel analyst. “Shops want to get ahead of competition by starting to sell items in advance of when others might typically do so.”

In terms of holiday shoppi14876065_10205887114616067_157332954_o-2ng we’ve seen the deals and promotions start earlier and earlier each year, again aiming to be top of mind among consumers.”

But for many retail workers and shoppers it’s just far too early and spoils the Christmas spirit when it finally gets to the big day!