Everyone has an opinion on what the election of Donald Trump this week will mean for the USA and the rest of us. But what do those who actually took part in the vote think?

Amid the explosion of reactions on social media, we asked two American students on our campus what they thought of President Elect Trump.


Carly Herriges

Carly Herriges, 22, from Arizona, is a second year Journalism student: “I thought Trump had a chance and it was really scary. I think we had Obama for eight years and living in a Republican state all I heard was what he was doing wrong so it wasn’t a surprise Donald Trump won, he did a very good job of playing on people’s fear.”

Even though it is clear that a lot of people were and still are anti-Trump, did they view Hillary Clinton as a genuinely better option?

Herriges said: “I don’t agree with everything Hillary Clinton stands for but it’s the lesser of two evils. Ideally I would have voted for Bernie Sanders for president.”

Michael Brothers, a 22-year-old Ecosystem sciences and sustainability student from Oklahoma, doesn’t agree that Clinton is better than Trump.

“Hillary brought so much baggage, she’s been in this game for so long and has lied so much.

“I’d rather have someone who is more of a horrible person than someone who lies and simply caters to the audience they are talking to.

Michael Brothers

Michael Brothers

“The way our political system is set up, Donald Trump is not going to be able to get half the things done he has promised to do, yet Clinton knows what she’s doing and knows how to play the game.”

Interestingly though, although Brothers doesn’t think Donald Trump is that bad, he voted for independent Gary Johnson, and would have voted for Bernie Sanders for president.

It seems that although people have a mixed opinion on just how detrimental Donald Trump will be as president, the younger generation had a firm affiliation to Bernie Sanders,and the Democrats missed an opportunity to secure the young voter.