Would you be confident in how you would refer to a transgender person?

There are many people who do feel scared of upsetting somebody when they are talking to or about a transgender person.

pride-828056_1920Sophie Hare, a Falmouth University student said: “I’m a bit nervous when initially referring to someone in case I get it wrong, but I nearly always go by, if you don’t know then ask.

“It’s better to ask what they prefer than insulting somebody by accident.”

Maxwell Jewell, a 19-year-old transgender student gave his personal opinion on what he thinks the people in the transgender community would advise.

“Never be afraid to ask questions, we as a community actually encourage them because there are constant presumptions being made about us.

“When it comes to transgender people like myself, it will make our day (or mine at least), if you ask us what our pronouns are instead of assuming our gender solely based on appearances, because that is far more harmful than asking out of uncertainty.

“Asking for pronouns is polite and considerate, and should be normalised amongst everyone.

“Another thing I’d say is talk to members of the community first-hand instead of going off of misinformation from the larger majority, or listening to someone outside of the community over us.

“Our words come from genuine, negative experiences that most people don’t have to go through, so it’s always best to listen to us and not talk over us.”

Last year the first parliamentary select committee report showed that 650,000 people in the UK are “likely to be gender incongruent to some degree.”

The GLAAD Media Reference Guide explains the terms transgender as an adjective that is used for “people whose gender identity and or gender expression differs from what is typically associated with the sex they were assigned at birth” and that you should always use the pronoun that the person prefers.

For more information, go to : http://www.glaad.org