This evening a BBC southwest programme is highlighting the need for more support for young people suffering with mental health issues.

One in ten young people will face a mental health problem, and 90% of mental health suffers will experience discrimination and stigma. In 2013 there were over 6,200 recorded suicides for people over 15 in the UK. 78% of these suicides were male.

This month saw the recognition of World Mental Health Day. It is on the tenth of October every year and was first marked in 1992. It is a day that it used to raise awareness for mental health and help end social stigma.

Mind and Rethink Mental Illness set up a campaign called Time to Change. The campaign chooses ‘young champions’ to create “a movement of people across the country who use their own experience of mental health problems to change the way we all think and act about mental health”.

Bryony Hacker, a third year student at Falmouth University, was chosen as a young champion.

“Time to change chose me to be a young champion due to my blogging on their website and my previous experience and openly talking about mental health.

“People can make a change by challenging negative views around mental illness and being more open and accepting by talking about mental health.

“I have experienced acts of kindness. People have taken me out of my house for hot chocolate, strangers have taken me out of my house for hot chocolate strangers have calmed me down in anxiety attacks, a man brought me a taxi in London to get me to the train station in time.”

Time to Change began in 2007 and since then over 3.4 million young people and adults in England have better attitudes towards mental health problems.

Their main aims are to improve public attitudes and behaviour towards people with mental health problems and reduce the amount of discrimination that people with mental health problems report in their personal relationships, their social lives and at work.

You can contact Time to Change at for enquiries on getting involved as an employer, making a change at work, or getting involved as a volunteer.

The BBC programme can be watched here at 7:30pm-