American two-piece band We Are Scientists had brought their Helter Seltzer tour to Falmouth for an intimate night of great music and feel-good vibes.

Even the drizzliest of mid-week Cornish evenings couldn’t put off the couple hundred or so Falmouthians from turning up at the Princess Pavilion to see the indie-rock titans.

The New York City based duo are currently touring their latest album, Helter Seltzer, and have brought along with them tonight Cornwall’s own WAXX and fellow NYC comrades Beverly. Now in the bands 16th year, they had never set foot in Cornwall before last night. Lead singer and guitarist Keith Murray, and bassist Chris Cain were keen to seize the opportunity.

WAXX kicked off proceedings with their brilliantly executed take on skater/surf rock and the room soon began to fill out as the two-piece power their way through their riff-heavy material. Forming from the separation of their previous band Rosie and the Goldbug, drummer Bubs Taylor and bassist/vocalist Pixie Matthews do a great job of warming the crowd up and make everyone believe the weekend had come early with an incredibly energetic set.

Beverly were next on and chilled things out with their slow and dreamy indie sound. With two full-length releases in their short three years of existence, the band are already on their way to impressive things and have been featured on the popular music blog site Pitchfork. Beverly look comfortable here, and enjoy a well-received set consisting of songs from both their debut album Careers, and newest outing The Blue Swell.

But We Are Scientists were the main reason people have gathered here. The stage opens to the three attired band members: Keith Murray, Chris Cain and Keith Carne. The stage backdrop is two cartoon cats smoking cigarettes, the kind of humour that emanates throughout the evening in the form of countless Brexit and Donald Trump jokes, “Brexit… is that like brunch?” and the discussion over ‘real pasties’.

Their lively indie-rock sounded brilliant in the pavilions, and they jumped straight into the emphatic “Nice Guys”. The band continue to belt out fan favourites from their five album career like “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt” and “The Great Escape”, but not before frontman Keith accidentally unplugs his guitar and shares with the crowd “I’m like the sun, I burn very hot but give you all life”.

Jokes about ‘the English’ were present through the evening as the most patriotic of Cornish attended and respond with laughter and jeers when Bassist Chris Cain asks “you guys don’t consider Cornwall to be in England?!” The sense of light-heartedness and enjoyment was very clear and added to the intimate setting of the venue.

Speaking of intimacy, it wasn’t long before vocalist Keith Murray decided to make his way through the crowd and see the faces he was performing to tonight, with the show’s highlight coming from him, sharing a moment with a girl dancing as if she was the group’s biggest fan.

The band ended on a triumphant and anthemic “Too Late” that mesmerized those attending. This was an intimate affair with a band still doing what they do best after 16 years in the business, and Falmouth was grateful they stopped by to share an evening of celebration for the music scene well-respected in the South West.

We are Scientists

The members of We Are Scientists giving an electric performance at Falmouth’s Princess Pavilion.