The new 8-Bit Gaming Bar in Redruth


8-Bit Gaming Bar, a prominent gaming themed establishment, has recently relocated from Falmouth town centre to new premises in Redruth about ten miles away. The owner Richard Stamp, told Hook the move has been caused entirely by financial concerns. The fallout from economic austerity over the UK has been widespread, Falmouth being no exception, with small businesses such as 8-Bit typically bearing the brunt.

8-Bit Gaming Bar is a hub for anyone with a love for gaming and is welcoming to gamers of any experience level. It allows people to indulge their passion for gaming, while also giving them the chance to meet likeminded individuals and enjoy a game-inspired beverage.

Richard Stamp went into detail about the financial troubles that plagued the business, and explained why relocation was the best decision: “Falmouth was too expensive, the whole summer all the prices had gone up: the rent, the business rates, the water, the electric, the insurance. Everything had gone up, and it was just too expensive for us, so we had the choice of closing on our own terms, keeping our credit rating, and walking out basically at zero balance or pushing through.

“Based on the figures of the previous three winters potentially going bankrupt in January or February, which means we couldn’t do anything again. It was the choice that let us continue doing it. We got to keep all our assets, and we got to keep the business.”

Here, Stamp explains the reasons behind his decision to uproot and relocate, like amputating a limb to save the body, remaining in Falmouth could potentially have proven fatal to 8-Bit in the long term so it was the safer choice.

When asked however if this was the end of 8 Bit’s presence in Falmouth, Stamp was optimistic and said: “Yeah we’re definitely opening another one in Falmouth, in fact I’m meeting some guys soon to discuss a similar arrangement to what we have here except in Falmouth. We’ve never given up on Falmouth and we’ve always been very clear on that.”

While this is promising in the long term, interim students seeking to satisfy their desire to game will have to make the commute to Redruth. It is important to note that 8-Bit has lost nothing in the transitional period. The new premises, located on Alma Place in Redruth, still offers gamers the opportunity to play a wide selection of games on a multitude of consoles; from the classic to the contemporary.