The American ‘killer clown craze’ has now spread to Cornwall, including Falmouth. Police have received four reports of sinister-looking ‘killer clowns’ wandering the streets of Falmouth.

Killer clown pranksters across the country have been spotted holding knives and petrifying children, teenagers, and adults all over the country. Students are starting to worry about Halloween and even walking home alone because of the craze.

Louise Warby, a politics student at the University of Exeter, said: “I usually love Halloween. It’s a time to put face paint on and get creative.

I love doing the clown aesthetic but I will definitely move away from that because of what’s been going on recently. I just don’t want to cause upset or risk scaring anyone unnecessarily.”

Police will be patrolling the streets of Falmouth on October 31, being alert of any incidents involving people dressed in scary clown costumes terrorising the public.

Police Sergeant and Neighbourhood Team Leader for Falmouth, Mark Cooper, said: “It is the deeds that will be considered, not the costume.  Anyone out to terrorise another, regardless as to whether a werewolf, vampire, mummy or clown, will be treated the same.  It just seems more likely to be a clown this year, due to popular culture.

“Halloween is always a busy time of the year for neighbourhood policing, with lots of families not wanting the interruption to their evening, so we will always have enhanced numbers of officers available, but no more than we would usually provide for the busy event.”

Some incidents have represented that of something out of a horror movie, with killer clowns chasing people through areas in the dead of night.

Emily Juggins, a Performance Sportswear Design student at Falmouth University, said: “I have never particularly had a problem with walking home in the dark, but after reading this in the news, I’ve become much more weary of walking around alone.”

The police are taking the ‘killer clown’ craze very seriously; killer clowns found terrorising the public could lead to public order offences, arrest and even a criminal record.

Louise Warby did the scary clown Aesthetic for Halloween last year, but wont be this year due to the killer clown phase.

Louise Warby – Face painter