A free conference was held on Penryn Campus last month for adults with asperger’s and high functioning autism.

The event was known as Life Skills with Autism and was a collaboration between the charity Spectrum, and FxpectrUm, Falmouth University’s autism society and was funded by Cornwall Autism Partnership Board.

The talk aimed to equip these adults with the life skills needed to cope with high functioning autism and Asperger’s.

There were workshops and seminars from experts at Spectrum and BraininHand, an app that helps people with autism to plan and focus.

Gavin Pedley, a staff member at Spectrum told Truthfal: “we’ve done a lot of stuff with parents and we have meetings for them as well as doing conferences in the past for professionals.

“We’ve done conferences in the past for adults with autism to kind of look at what they want so this conference has come as a result of that and meeting people through the spectrum centre where we work.”

Many of the attendees spoke highly of the event and Spectrum plan to do more events like this in the future.