Good morning and welcome to your daily breaking news round-up on Truthfal. In today’s headlines:

Chloe Sweet 23rd March 20182:15 pm

Jon Snow, lead anchor of Channel 4 News, writes an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg over the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Chloe Sweet 23rd March 20181:53 pm

Armed police shoot hostage-taker after storming supermarket in southern France town of Trèbes, BBC Reports

Chloe Sweet 23rd March 20181:40 pm

Train services between Penzance and Truro have been suspended.

Chloe Sweet 23rd March 201812:32 pm

Trump’s new Security Advisor, John Bolton, has links to Cambridge Analytica, reports TIME.

Chloe Sweet 23rd March 201812:25 pm

Local French media reports that the shooter is a Moroccan national known to French intelligence services.

Chloe Sweet 23rd March 201812:07 pm

A teenager cycling in St Austell is in hospital after colliding with a pedestrian, reports Cornwall Live.

Chloe Sweet 23rd March 201812:04 pm

Porthleven Food Festival have pledged to go plastic free, using only compostable cups, Business Cornwall reports.

Chloe Sweet 23rd March 201812:02 pm

A coffee shop in St Ives has been given an award for sustainable tourism, according to Business Cornwall. The award is globally recognised and is awarded to businesses who make efforts to promote environmentally friendly alternatives to single-use plastic.

Chloe Sweet 23rd March 201811:55 am

At least one person is thought to be dead in the hostage situation in France.

Chloe Sweet 23rd March 201811:53 am

The ex-president of Catalan has been charged with rebellion after attempting to declare independence from Spain, the ITV reports.

Chloe Sweet 23rd March 201811:37 am

A shark warning was issued in Australia after 150 whales were found washed up on the shore.

Chloe Sweet 23rd March 201811:35 am

Charity Comic Relief is abandoning ‘white saviour’ stereotypes by halting the use of celebrity appeals, The Guardian reports.

Chloe Sweet 23rd March 201811:25 am

Being overweight is a ‘growing cause of cancer’, while cancers associated with smoking have dropped, reported by the BBC.

Chloe Sweet 23rd March 201811:06 am

Donald Trump replaces his National Security Advisor from HR McMaster to John Bolton. Bolton will the third person to take this position in 14 months, according to the BBC.

Chloe Sweet 23rd March 201811:00 am

BREAKING: Hostages have been taken in an armed siege in the south of France, The Independent reports.

Chloe Sweet 23rd March 201810:47 am

EU leaders are backing Theresa May over the Salisbury nerve agent attack, according to The Guardian. They have also recalled their ambassador from Moscow.

Chloe Sweet 23rd March 201810:43 am

Cornish residents are being warned of a scam in which fake police officers are threatening to arrest people if they don’t hand over money, Cornwall Live reports.