For the second installment of the FemmeFal podcast series, Sarah, Hannah, Izzy and Harriet from bloodybox join Truthfal to discuss the issue of hormones affecting our mental wellbeing, in light of a new period-tracking app, Moody-U coming out this summer.

Whilst there are fifty different types of hormones for women and men, they are almost always negatively associated with women. We have all experienced the myriad of ‘irritable, snappy, moody or hyper-sensitive’ emotions  when our oestrogen levels have plummeted. However, the link between our mood and this sex hormone have largely gone unrecognised. 

Interestingly, new period-tracking apps have given women the opportunity to reclaim ownership of their body and control over their hormonal imbalances. For example, Clue and Natural Cycles offer users insights into their current emotion, libido and their fertility rate based on where they are in their cycle. 

It can provide a welcome alternative to hormonal contraception, by offering suggestions about when you are fertile and require additional protection.

This means women can plan for ‘bad days’ of PMS and can liberate women from in a sense, being prisoners of their menstrual cycle. 

The 13% decrease in people buying hormonal contraceptives between 2003 and 2015 according to an NHS study, would also suggest there’s a growing understanding of the physiological and emotional responses triggered by hormones.

Listen to the podcast for an insight into how women today are creating a closer connection to their body through projects like bloodybox and apps.

TRUTHFAL PODCAST: FemmeFal chats to the minds behind bloodybox about the growing autonomy of women over their bodies and understanding why they feel the way they do from new period-tracking apps, and how their project is subverting the taboos surrounding menstruation