The Truro Christmas Fair is a annual event that brings the community of Cornwall together. There seems to be a little of everything at this very Christmassy event. From scrumptious looking food (that tastes amazing by the way), amazing arts and crafts to humorous signs (one if which I got my Mum for Christmas).  You can really feel the festive mood and the community spirit as soon as you walk through the door.

One of the stalls at the market.

All of the businesses at the stalls are Cornish at this event. There are a wide rage of items that’s just perfect for unique Christmas gifts. It’s taking place at the Lemon Quay near the bus station. It also had locally made food and drink as well as a stall of Cornish pasties that you can’t help smelling as you look around. There are also fashion accessories made by locals, which include clips, bracelets and other such things.

Do you like Chocolate? They’re selling moulded milk, white and dark chocolate. They also have jam jars that look like a piece of art all displayed together. Outside, there are Christmas themed food stalls which look perfect for children. I certainly enjoyed myself at the very Cornish Christmas fair.