On Thursday 21st September 2017, 1st Year Truthfal reporters are out and about today in Falmouth to bring you the latest on what is happening in the town.


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With Freshers at Falmouth in full swing, it’s good to see that the graffiti found previously on this statue has been cleaned off in time.

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Seagulls can be a real nuisance – especially when food is left around

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Falmouth has a flourishing arts scene with events gong on all over town

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Roy Ingram drives a rare 1979 Bedford dominant with a duple body, almost unique in it’s condition – only a lick of paint away from being in it’s original state. Roy also drives a range of vintage coaches dating back to the 1950’s, available for weddings and general hire.

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Harbour Lights in Falmouth have recently been voted the best independent Fish and Chip takeaway shop in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset. The award announced by SeaFish on September the 1st at the annual fish and chip is said to be the oscars of fish and chips takeaway awards. The manager Pete was quoted by saying how pleased him and his staff were at winning such an award.

From around Falmouth people shared an similar opinion to that of SeaFish. 6 of the 13 people we asked all said Harbour lights was the best around- apart from one woman who said it was the worst.
Notable mentions from the public include
Old hill
Cod on the corner (after a night out)

All said to be good fish and chip shops

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Harbour Lights staff happy for a selfie with Truthfal !

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Students getting to know the locals !

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Students getting to know the locals !

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In events square we spoke to Ulrech, a traveller from Germany

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Jacobs Ladder – 111 steps to the top !

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Bottle bank – Wine and craft beer store
Interviewing Jake(sales manager) he spoke of the growing student population in Falmouth and it’s influence on the alcohol industry, increasing it’s supply and demand significantly. The business prides itself on a large collection of imported goods ranging from locations as near as Padstowe, to New Zealand and the Americas

Kevin Bishop 21st September 20172:02 pm
Today we descended upon Falmouth to find out what the locals have to say to two rookie residents. As we walked from Falmouth rugby club we met a group of middle aged dog walkers. The local ladies with the eclectic range of dogs were incredibly approachable, countering our predetermined stereotypes of locals resenting the students. The only issue the ladies mentioned was the drunk behaviour during freshers, but were quick to acknowledge that Falmouth students are closer to being a better source of economic advantage than they are a nuisance, especially considering that most students run out of money around Christmas so it settles down!
As we continued down into the town we met three lovely elderly ladies who were keen to help in our discovery of the local situation. Once again the elderly population surprised us. They found that although the mass influx of students can be intimidating on public transport, it is a lovely youthful atmosphere. The general consensus was we had to try felps pasties!
As we started approaching the towns fringe near the harbour front we met Tim and Will, two local shipyard workers. They felt that people do resent the number of students yet also recognised the “massive economic benefit”. The main issue they find breeds a discontent is the housing issue currently within Falmouth where more student houses are being built than housing for the locals, all the whilst the local population are having to compete with holiday makers buying a second home. Tim and Will felt that unfortunately for the students and the locals the main interaction with students off campus tends to come about from complaining to each other about noise or other issues such as parking.
We continued along the seafront and saw a curious looking man sitting with his bicycle stacked with luggage eating chips on the steps. The man was named Ulrech and had been cycling through the whole of Europe for many years, he ended up in Falmouth and has ended up living here for six years due to the beauty and the friendly locals stating he has never met anyone hostile even as a tourist of a sort.
Continuing on our journey we decided to pop in to harbour fish bar and see what the local fish and chip competition to Rick Steins presents. Peter and Ed were more than friendly to answer questions, they said “Rick Stein is like marmite with the locals, some find his restaurant rather pricey and decide to come here, our title is competing with the whole country so it is quite an achievement”.
As we were walking down the main Highstreet we met a man called Mr Boarer, he was an elderly gentleman who was 83 and lived here his whole life. He said when he was younger he loved walking and advised we do the same as the coastal walks are apparently stunning. He found Cornwall a happy place and has never had a negative comment to say surrounding the students, but finds some locals sometimes find the crowds intimidating and annoying. He also found through living here for so long some of the lower income households feel a resentment to the proposals of new housing for students when so many people don’t own a home, yet it’s not an exclusive resentment to students but tourists also.
As we continued down the highstreet we spotted Roskillys Clotted cream ice cream shop. David, the owner, loved the students and found that “many bandwagon on blaming students for broken glass” yet says “everyone was a student once and often forget that”. David was a lovely man with wonderful ice cream, so well worth a taste!
In conclusion Falmouth was surprisingly friendly with a lovely local population of incredibly approachable people. It can be concluded tourists are often viewed with the same stigma as student but this i believe is due to being a homely and comfortable environment many are proud to occupy and protective of. Yet don’t be afraid to speak to a local, because it’s the only way stigma will dissipate as we found many were incredibly happy to share their community and natural beauty with the students that are willing to adapt to the way of life and take on the pride they hold so close as Cornish locals.
Written by Eliot Powe, Chloe Halliday
With help from Adam Coates, Alisha chopra, Ali Vail.
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Jacobs ladder in Falmouth

(photo to follow)

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Exploring the fashion scene in Falmouth
Walking through the thriving centre in Falmouth town, it’s easy to discover the unique, quirky style of young people in the area. It’s an absolute hotspot for interesting street styles and imaginative fashion, with a heart of culture that’s effortless to immerse yourself in. Speaking to Colette in Wild Pony about it, she describes the style as boutique and relaxed, found mainly in second hand shops as opposed to conglomerate settings, due to the sparsity of chain stores. “Unlike London, here it’s very easy for people to make their own style and not try to fit and recreate popular looks. Also being near to the beach and down in the south west dressing practically plays a part.” So between beach fashion and niche creations, style in Falmouth is abundant.

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Alex talks to two Falmouth students about the food they got from the market.

(Video to follow!)

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Interviewing workers at Anns Pasties finding out what makes their pasties different than the rest!

(Video to follow here!)

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People on the quay are threatened by some cheeky sea visitors. We asked a couple of tourists what they thought of the seagull danger. Basically no one is getting to share these Londoners ice creams, however violent the assault.

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In preparation for the Mayors Civic Parade, this sign stands ready to close off the nearby street.

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We went to Falmouth Town Football Club and interviewed the groundsman. Watch this space for the video !

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The Princess Pavilion

The venue overlooking Gyllyngvase beach hosts many different events and has recently had a Tea Festival take place in it and has quite a lot coming up as well, e.g. a sold out show of Newton Faulkner on the 27th November.

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North 55 gallery is a family run business that’s been open for four years making abstract art. Artwork has been featured in the Tate Modern and Tate International.

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Pendennis was built by Henry the 8th as a fortress but now it is a tourist attraction for anyone interested in the history of the castle, there is a 48 hour military system in case anything goes wrong. It has also played a key role in the defence on this coastline along with its sister castle St Mawes. But Pendennis itself has many conflicts during the tudor times, Nowadays the castle has many events open to the public including a Halloween tour.

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Mental health awareness in Falmouth and the south west
We spoke to Richard Middleton about the presence of Marc Craig’s Diversity artwork, advocating for the awareness of autism. Having inquired as to whether he had noticed the colourful mural he replied that he had seen it covered in a local newspaper. This shows how vital local papers still remain for making people aware of community news. To get to the point we asked his opinion on the state of mental health support in the south west, especially for young people. “Everywhere in the country, not just the south west, is lacking in mental health facilities” he told us. Middleton clarified to us that universities play a vital part in providing students with confidence in their identities and looking after their mental health. However he also voiced his view that in many cases for students struggling with mental illness, student finance may be put towards drugs. It’s extremely important that vulnerable students turn to the facilities that unis offer them to nurture their wellbeing and not turn to illegal substance dependence.
(Richard Middleton has worked with a foundation made formed of Truro College, Helton CC and other schools with the VP of Falmouth Uni).

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Skinny Milk and the Velvet Hands are playing at MONO on Thursday 28th

September. Psychedelic and punk rock music starting at 9pm. £6 on the door.
Kevin Bishop 21st September 20171:38 pm

What’s going on at Pendennis Caste ? We spoke to English Heritage at the gates


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Local exhibition for next 2 weeks displaying Paul Jowett’s 26 years experience in wood turning.
Also at the poly, a foreign language, low budget and art based movies can be found on Monday and Tuesdays.
Any historical questions can be answered at the history group meetings on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

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Great scoop from Falmouth Art Gallery incoming! Hold tight for an intimate, behind-the-scenes tour of the new ‘OUTspoken’ exhibit, with gallery Director, Henrietta Boex.

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Down on the quay – you can hire self drive boats to go out into the inner harbour. We spoke to Ant


Kevin Bishop 21st September 20171:27 pm

We met up with David – the owner of Roskilly’s

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At Harbour Lights Fish and Chips – meet Peter and Ed!

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Kevin Bishop 21st September 20171:18 pm

At Events Square we met Ulrech, a traveller from Germany

(photo to follow!)

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Closed for years, The King’s (situated along the high street) has reopened under new management! As if Falmouth needed another pub…

Serving coffee and cake all day, and a selection of Cornish ales, we’re sure it’ll make a great addition to the culture of the town!

They’ve got live acoustic music on this Sunday, 3-5pm, for anyone who fancies a nice, chilled end of the week.

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What’s going on at the Quay today? Find out here:


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This Saturday at 3PM, Falmouth Town AFC face Plymouth Argyle FC at Bickland Park. Argyle recently suffered a shock defeat at Cullompton, coming on the wrong end of a 4-3 result. It was especially surprising considering Argyle’s 12-0 victory over Stoke Gabriel only 4 days previous. However, the form of the visitors will not be too important as Falmouth Town fear the midfield assassin Graham Carey could be starting for the green army. He is currently serving a 3 match suspension in League 1 and it is a possibility he plays on Saturday. However, the hosts will certainly be hoping he doesn’t.

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More updates on the fish and chip shop debate in Falmouth here:


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Falmouth Art society’s set up in 1963 are celebrating there 20th anniversary of their Package Trophy which is hosted at the Methodist church, in Falmouth. Local members from the group (which includes 8 life members and 46 regular members) display art in the gallery which locals come to vote on a winner.

They are much more than painters however, with members taking part in other activities such as colarging (sorry for the spelling). Group sessions are run by professional artists who help the locals improve their artwork. Meetings run twice a month for any budding artist in the community

Kevin Bishop 21st September 201712:49 pm

Meet the “Party Pasty”, allegedly Falmouth’s biggest, according to it’s creator, pastry chef Kane. Containing a generous 3 pounds of meat, veg and pastry respectively. For the Cornishman up to the challenge, or as a novel party centrepiece, the Goliath pastry parcel is available for £30 from J.H.&M chokes.

Kevin Bishop 21st September 201712:48 pm

Falmouth is home to more than 10 churches of differing Christian sects, a full list of which is available at https://www.falmouth.co.uk/discover-falmouth/falmouth-a-z-local-directory/falmouth-churches-and-religious-societies/

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If you’re new to Falmouth and you love a bargain then head down to Dig n’ Delve on Swanpool Street! Inside you’ll find anything from vinyl to vacuum cleaners, and everything in between.

Kevin Bishop 21st September 201712:45 pm

Roy Ingram drives a rare 1979 Bedford dominant with a duple body, almost unique in it’s condition – only a lick of paint away from being in it’s original state. Roy also drives a range of vintage coaches dating back to the 1950’s, available for weddings and general hire.

Kevin Bishop 21st September 201712:37 pm

Somgang, a collaborative project based in the south west, aim to present an “accurate portrayal of today’s youth as seen through our eyes”. The group are enthusiastic about photography, videography, and illustration that preserve life around us and are continually looking for likeminded individuals to get involved.

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On the menu at Merchant’s Manor today is a selection of locally sourced sustainable food. For example their “TR11” dish uses ingredients found in a mile radius from the hotel. Their full menu can be found online here: http://www.merchantsmanor.com

Kevin Bishop 21st September 201712:24 pm

What is the favourite fish and chip shop for the newsagents at the top of Killigrew?

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/SiVhBaIvQv0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

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